19 June 2011

Looking for me?

Howdy boys. I've moved recently and I want you to take you with me. You can find 'this b♂y' here or you can google Queer Syndicate. I am leaving my blog as is on blogger and I also imported it to WP so you can enjoy me on whatever platform you heart desires. If you were subscribed to my feed before the switch, you're already joining me in all of my dramatic debauchery on my new site.

If you're a blogger who has me linked in you're blog roll, please check to see if your link points to this blog or my new one, thanks ;) I would really appreciate it.

Much Love

14 June 2011

The end of me

This is why boys like me shouldn't have a smart phone with a camera on it.
I was winded, having fun and jogging... so please forgive the weird faces.

11 June 2011

life, bex and boys

Finally a moment to say Hi! This entire week has been a whirlwind of appointments, work, work outs… this, that and another thing. Finally a moment for me and I’m damn sure not letting it escape me.

I woke up a minute ago after being asleep for three hours, to no surprise I couldn’t sleep. I’m wide awake at the moment and as soon as I wind down again, I’ll lay down next to Bex and fall asleep. We had quite the talk last night about unresolved dreams, finances and emotional support.

Bex has been having the hardest time find a job noting our current constraints to work hours and transportation. Our constraints added to no one hiring in our area leaves her feeling useless and helpless. I had stressed to her previously about my need for her to help us out financially and my need for her to be a lot more independent from me and our one income financial issues. Needless to say that this difficulty is leaving her disappointed, saddened and unsure about how I’m taking it. I of course understand how difficult it is because I helped on the job search myself and have been there every step of the way. I love her, I’ll be patient and I know that in time she will make her move.

09 June 2011


No post, just saying hi. Damn, I am tired. Night night and good morning!

08 June 2011

A NY minute

Just wanted to pop on bi and say hi! I have wondered recently if my life got switched with that of a New Yorker...my phone appointment calender is bursting, so much so that I have no time to blog! Got a required task each day this week and I'm going bonkers, the second I get a chance to sit on my bottom, i'll hit you guys up. I have stories to tell!!! Until I get a moment to write it all out, you guys get this picture of my blog writing chair. Ttyl!

05 June 2011

Cartoon Heros

As a child there was nothing more that I loved than coming home from school and watching cartoons. It’s what I did right before going to school and almost the first thing that I did when I got home. It became a bad habit and after a while when more and more homework started being assigned, something that went by the way side. None the less I got to be a part of a generation of kids that had the best cartoons on TV. I watched the X-men animated series, batman, spider man and power rangers (but they don’t count as they’re not animated.)

I’ve blogged about cartoon heroes before but I’d figure with all the super hero movies coming out that I’d touch up on it again. Everyone has their favorites, but to me my favorites always conjured up feelings that I couldn’t explain. All of my little friends loved Batman and while he is super awesome, I was always drawn to Robin. There was something that I liked about him more, he was more approachable, seemed less tight assed about everything. To me Batman was always too high strung. As a kid I couldn’t tell you why I favored him more. I really liked that Robin had a smaller frame, that he was muscular but he would never be Batman. I liked that he was young, smaller framed and Batmans' side kick (although I’m sure that many a comic book reader is gasping because I called him a side kick.)

03 June 2011

Cock tease and sex

Tonight I had sex. Actually... I had SEX! This isn't new and I probably shouldn't be gloating about it, but I'm really happy about it. Generally at 2:00AM on a week night I'm pondering my existence, avoiding my boss like you would avoid looking Oprah in the eyes and getting pictures of Brandon Lewis out of my mind... but tonight I did it! With my wife...

Now the last time I came and posted it was to talk about the magic explosion orgasm that I had, this time it didn't happen like last but I still had a rocking good time. We did our usual dirty dance, I roughed her up a bit (which she liked) and got down to doing the do. BTW she had been a terrible wife all day, usually I tease her up the wazoo, today she decided to turn it around on me. After my shower when I was toweling off and shaking my dick at her she got on her knees and kissed it. She kissed it, tongued me, got up and walked away! I was chasing her while pointing right at her and she told me to get dressed and go to work!

Ok back to the sex... she came and let me finish as is the usual. Well I came and as I pulled out to take the condom off... I came again. This wasn't new to me but it's becoming a trend. As I rolled onto my side of the bed (bc lol we have sex on her side and she complains about getting the wet spot.) I noticed that Pete (my cock) wasn't going down. (This is incredible I thought!)

29 May 2011

My world rocked (TMI)

Last night (or rather this morning) my world was completely turned upside down. I don't even know where to begin writing this post. Bex and I spent the day out but we changed our plans up. Her and I ended up at Victorias Secret, dinned out at Outback and had a late night Starbucks date at the Starbucks Mr. V and I used to frequent. We had a great day together, I had decided when I woke up that I wasn't going to get in my way and that's precisely what I did.

After our day was finished we spent some time together in opposites sides of the living room. She watched a documentary and I sketched some. While sketching I caught up with Mr. V via text and listened to Born this way on my cell phone. It was your typical night, nothing out of the ordinary. After I decided to stop sketching and Bex's documentary was over, we watched a documentary about the movie Deep Throat and what a stir it caused when it came out. My emphasis on all of this is that there isn't anything odd or out of the ordinary about my day because what happened next was crazy but in a good way.

Bex and I headed off into the bedroom to call it a night. I had been horny all day and after watching some old porn well off into the night, I was still in the mood despite having given up all hope to get laid. To my surprise Bex was horny and not at all tired. We started to have sex but something about today felt different, better. I can't put my finger on it, but something was completely different about this time. My excitement level was to the roof top and unlike most times that we have sex, I started feeling like I was going to finish soon after we had started. Bex was quite surprised but decided that she could get off another way and let me finish.

28 May 2011

cock therapy

Hi, It's been a while. I needed a break from everything, unfortunately life does not allow you to pause everything at once. I've been consumed by the monster that is my job and as well as not sleeping through the night. If Mr. V thought I was a slave before to my job, now I'm a slave and whipping boy (got chewed by my boss because I did exactly what my position requires of me aka doing my job.) (Work drama that I'm going to leave at work, no need to reminisce about such horrid things.)

Bex and I have finally phone tagged our couples therapist and we have a set date to start therapy next week. We couldn't reach each other for the longest time but Bex finally caught up with her and had a chat. I really wanted Bex to spear head this one because I'm all too familiar with talking to therapists, so she did. We're both nervous that this will be the beginning of the end or a hard beginning to a good life together. We're both trying to stay positive, but we have our worries.

I'm torn between telling Bex about my habit of text flirting and exchanging of nudies. I know I'm cheating our relationship by having done such things. I owe it to her to tell her so that she knows and I know that I have earned whatever anger, frustration or sadness she throws my way... but I still feel like I'd be telling her something she should just go without knowing.

My quest for doing such things was to see if that would be enough for me, enough to keep me excited about life and monogamous. I don't think it's enough but it sure felt gratifying. That's what I was afraid of. Some dopey part of me wanted to see if male attention was enough for me to see that what I have is great and to cherish it. Although I do still want to cherish what I have, I still want that attention and affection. This is another one of those moments where I thought it would be enough, but it wasn't. If getting hit on was enough then maybe I could relax and just learn to love her and not look for anything else. Apparently it's not that easy for me.