22 October 2009

An explination for this blog

I already know that naming my blog 'bi the way' is very cliche and that there are tons of other blogs out there named the same. It's OK, I already know. My name is Bobby Derrekson and I'm a helplessly lost 22 year old. This is my first out and proud (so to speak) blog. I'm hoping with this blog that I can entertain, intrigue and reach out to my audience.

Now back to about me... I'm 22 and I'm bisexual. It's something that I've been my entire life but just recently came to terms with who I am and put a label on it. I have a girlfriend named Rebecca who I'll refer to as Bex. I've been dating her for 4 years now. We are (after) high school sweethearts. Bex has known for about 8 months now.

I know I'm not the only bi guy with a blog but i hope that i can entertain you with the sexy things that run through my head.

Enough with the background info...lets get to the good stuff!

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog (and following). I'm also bisexual. I've been fooling around with men and women since I was around 13. I'm 47 now. No regrets.