28 October 2009

pretty in pink

Is there anything more erotic than being inside Victoria Secret? I love listening to the pleasant femmy music and smelling all the pretty perfumes. I was oogling all the tiny underwear and I suddenly remembered why i like woman so much. (As if I needed to be reminded) There is just something about women and how dainty and fragile they can be... and I love it! Bex has a VS credit card and she loves it. I need some kind of credit card that offers me free stuff like hers does. I wish 2xist had a charge card. I could just start wearing panties... but that wouldn't go over too well with the guys where i work. (I can just imagine the chaos)

What I find completely interesting is how fast I can switch my attention from girls to boys. One minute I can be looking a hot guy up and down and then have my head turn and stare up and down at a girl who's just as hot.

Bex pointed out that I am attracted to clean cut older men like Ewan McGregor, Brad Pitt and Craig Ferguson. It's odd cause i don't particularly like older guys... but those guys are cute. As a matter of fact i find some older chicks irresistible like: Danicka Patrick (godaddy race car chick)and Brooke Shields (total babes!)

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