22 October 2009

purses and sex

i bought bex an early birthday present today. i got her an in-season coach purse. she loved it and I'm probably going to get laid tonight... hell yeah! its good too bc i can try out (for a second time) that cock strap i bought from adameve.

in many ways i am so virginal bc the strap came with no instructions so i had to look it up online. wowzer i found a gay cock strap enthusiast website... that was a good five minutes of ''study time''. i need to find it again in case i forget. ;)

I'm looking into a book called "the bisexuals guide to the universe"... i hope that it can give me some insight into being bisexual. I'm not having too much luck finding a blog, site, or support group that i can connect with. maybe i can find someone to help me with my gaydar bc i have none and i think everyone is gay... (or wish everyone was bisexual at least... the world would be a better place).

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