31 October 2009

Yes i would love some "whipped cream"

Apparently i have a substance abuse problem. I always knew that i was misusing it but last night i got proof. I was at work in a fog/daze. My numbers were lagging and I was cranky as hell. I went and got a fix and for the rest of the night i was ok. I smiled (for the first time) i was bubbly and well... life seemed to make sense. I totally got a high. (of course you know that I’m a caffiened) I got high off of a Starbucks doubleshot energy drink. It seems like my world drags if I’m not on caffeine. I'm an addict bc I love it and must have it...

i guess that’s why i get really horny when i go into starbucks. I get this urge to have sex with all the baristas especially the cute guy that works at the one i go to. Caffeine/coffee has a hold on me. I would wean myself off but i get no sleep anyways... maybe ill start popping caffeine pills and work my way up to meth.

Speaking of meth i heard that it is becoming popular amongst gay circles. (Bc it gives you energy to fuck for hours) I don't know about that... i get bored after an hour and a half. Meth also gives you a certain look... meth face. I want to stay cute, so no meth for me.

p.s. i forgive you rhianna. I think it needed to be said.
pa-pa-pa- pokerface!

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