28 November 2009


Last night my gf and I settled down to watch 'Boy Culture'. I'm not doing the movie justice by trying to describe it... so here is the synopsis.

"A male prostitute with the enigmatic name of X (Derek Magyar) carefully avoids personal intimacy and affection, and is only interested in sex when he's being paid for it. X maintains his stoic approach to sex and love until one of his regular customers (Patrick Bauchau) tempts him to reconsider his position by sharing a meaningful story. Director Q. Allan Brocka premiered his unconventional love story at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival. " -courtesy of Netflix

This movie rocked my socks off! It was very well written, acted and directed. When I looked at the cover I didnt expect much but a movie about hook ups and annoymous sex but I was wrong. If you want to watch a well written movie about relationships between guys... this movie is worth watching.

Prior to watching this movie I had always fantasized about being a male prostitute. Cum on, sex for pay sounds great. The only problem is that in my fantasy all the men that I slept with... looked great and weren't dirty. Like I said it was fantasy.

The subtitle under my blog title is FUN.CURIOUS.SMART.SEXY.CLUELESS. Well here is the Clueless part. How does cruising work? I've never been with a guy and well i'm not the king (or queen) of the social scene. Is it like picking up a girl or easier bc both parties are interested in one thing?

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  1. A friend reccomended this film to me and said it was great. I really should watch it sometime.

    As for cruising, it's basically just going out looking to pick someone up for sex. It's easy depending on how good looking you are or and if anyone is interested. Same as picking anyone up I guess, but you only get a casual one night, no strings shag out of it