26 November 2009


So I was reading a blog called 'toxic twinks' about two guys who bareback with other guys who have HIV. Like I've said before I've never had sex with a dude before. I want to but this is something that concerns me. It made me think about sex in general and how like 'MONK' i am. You know Adrian Monk (the wonderfully nervous germaphobe) from that show on USA. Then I read 'Dude sex life' blog and well it makes me want to push that all aside and strip off my jeans. ;)

I came home from work early yesterday. Apparently somewhere between work, my car and the front door I got glitter on my face. Bex asked me if I was with a "fairy boy"... I grinned and said no... then I added "with a fairy girl". There are still moments when I smile to myself and feel genuinely stoked about being bi. It's one of the best things in the world! BTW I told her it was just stripper dust.

I rented the movie 'boy culture' from netflix. That will be very interesting, but I'll blog about that later.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. <- When girls have a southern drawl and they are cute... it's adorable... when guys have a southern drawl... well it's just gross.

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