29 November 2009


I got blackout drunk last night. It scared me to wake up in my bedroom naked and not knowing how I got there. I don't remember the end of my night but the bits and pieces I do remember are pretty hilarious.

I met a guy last night named Reuben and I told him that I wanted him in a sandwich with some sauerkraut. Then I insulted him by telling him that I liked his turban. (It was a beanie... and well he's Jewish)... oops.

I kept telling my guy friend's girlfriend how much I liked her.

I kept stealing my friends beer and trying to get him to call his friend for some weed. (I've never tried weed)

When I went to go pee several times I swear there was a naked man in the bathroom. Or at least he was changing or something.

I came up with the words "weasel pussy" and I told the bartender who had a ghost busters tee shirt that he liked ghostbusters pussy.

Oh my... I need to send some appologetic text messages.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great night. The best ones are the ones that you cant remember anyway. Love the turban story. Made me cringe just reading it. Fantastic lol