21 November 2009


I've been distracted at work lately. There's this young (or at least young looking) cute guy that works in another department adjacent to mine. He's shorter than me... about 5'7" and is really skinny. His waist is really skinny but he has huge shoulders. He has very much a V build and it is super sexy and well... distracting. I'm pretty sure he's gay bc my gaydar goes off when he glances back at me (but so does eye contact with anyone for that matter).

Whenever I want to approach anyone (girl or guy) who I'm interested in and have a crush on... I start to question why I want to approach them in the first place. I already have a gf who I'm head over heels for... so why the constant need to be infatuated? Is it bc I'm bi? bored? needy? I'm not really sure. If I was straight/gay would I constantly be looking to see what's next?

Sometime I wonder if I am straight or gay. Bc I find myself thinking about guys a lot. Although when I'm with my gf, she's all that I can think about. I also start to wonder if it wouldn't be the same on the other side. If I had a bf would I constantly be thinking about girls?

love me, love me
say that you love me
leave me, leave me
just say that you need me
I can't care about anything but you... (lovefool by the Cardigans)

ps. Michael Phelps is the king of broad shoulders... and a bong.

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