04 November 2009

locker room fun

I'm finding that i have absolutely no gaydar. I thought that if i was a little more comfortable with myself and sexuality that i'd eventually get better at it. I think my gaydar chip is broken or missing. In high school i was being hit-on by this guy for the longest time and i didn't get it until it was obvious... and i mean obvious. There was a moment during the conversation where we could have sneaked back into the locker room. Actually that's what he said... lets go back to the locker room and have some fun. I didn't know what team i was on, let alone where the field was to begin with... so I didn't... but I wonder how different my life would be right now if i had said yes. (IM OBLIVIOUS!)

I found this pic of billie joe.. he is so cute!

My plans for today is going to Starbucks (my favorite!) and maybe oogle my little startbucks guy. Maybe see paranormal activity and have some kick ass food... maybe sea food. Oh and I get a haircut today from my awesome and dare I say sexy hair stylist Rachel.

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