16 November 2009


I've never been with a guy before but I bet it would be really fun. Currently I have a gf and no plans on trying anything for the time being. Maybe in the future I can find a bi guy and we can tag team her or maybe I can be the lucky guy in the middle, who knows. I would pay top dollar to see my girl with another girl.... mmmm..mmm.m.mmm. It's funny about my gf, she likes the fact that I'm bi, but would get jealous if I saw another chick... but not a dude. Whatever ;).

I love that one movie about the Marquee De Sade... I think it's called "Quills". That movie and "The Dreamers" are really good sexual exploration films. "Dreamers" always makes me horney as hell. Michael Pitt has an interesting face and lips to die for. Does anyone know any sexy movies worth watching? I'm going to rent the movie "Shortbus" from Netflix as well as "The Celluloid  Closet" and "Boy Culture". "Shortbus" is supposed to have real people having real sex... awesome! I need to find a place where they are selling the movie "Party Monster". It's all so good!

I watched the always sunny christmas special the other day on dvd. It was hilarious. I love the fact that they keep eluding that Mac is gay. It's awesome.

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