17 November 2009


I'd still fuck Lady Gaga even if she does have a donkey dick. I'm not into the chicks with dicks thing but i'd make an exception for her. I'm very much into guys cause they are guys and girls cause they're girls (physically speaking). Btw I don't think she's a guy; Good for her if she once was.
I've been watching that 'bad romance' video too much. I have a sweet tooth for eye candy. I think that there's a muscular guy in the video wearing a corset. Oh super hott! I'm almost turned on as much as Bex is when the Joker dresses as a female nurse in 'The Dark Knight'.

They need to have a 'shot of love' reality show with a bisexual guy as the main dude looking for love (and sex). It was fun and all with Tila Tequila but I think bi guys are more interesting than bi girls. (in my opinion)

I took a picture of my cock and set it as the caller Id pic for when I call my girl. Now I can shock, awe and make her lol when i call. ;) Hope that it doesn't get auto sent to all her contacts.

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