11 November 2009


I got kind of discouraged last night. Something Bex said to me last night made me sad. I don't remember the context of what she said (I was drinking) but she said "If you're gay you better tell me and not string me along". I tried not to think about it for the rest of the night, but this morning that's all I can think about. I figure it must be real confusing for her, being with a bi guy. I guess just as confusing as being a bi guy. It hurts to think that I would string her along. I want to be able to share with her my thoughts and feelings but i think that i'm going to have to keep them to myself for a while.

I'm caught in between.

This issue is always so complicated and at the same time... so simply resolved. I hope she still loves and trusts me.

As usual... i'm probably overblowing this in my head.

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