24 November 2009


I don't like his face and I don't like his style of music but God bless Adam Lambert! Watching and rewatching his performance on the AMA's was awesome! I'm refering to when in the middle of Adams act, one of his male dancers danced his face into Adams lap! The three seconds of incinuation ended all too quickly due to a
fast camera change to a view of the audience. (Homophobic cameraman i think.) Good for him and hopefully he won't "straighten" up for anyone.

about 1:00 min in.

I got checked out by the waiter (guy) today during lunch with Bex today. It was nice and it made me feel like a million dollars and Bex noticed it too. I'm rewarding myself with a shopping spree at the Gap soon.

If you enjoy my blog... join my followers! TTY guys later

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