09 December 2009


Work is starting to slow down now, I'm relieved to say the least. I've been working almost non stop for the last six months. I've had off for the last three days which has been fantastic.

Is there any point in getting married anymore? I'm finding that I understand the concept of marriage less and less the more I study others behavior. One of my co-workers only got married to his wife because he got her preggers. (apparently he did'nt read my last blog). My parents got married because they liked each other and neither of them had anything better to do. Bex's parents got married because... well who knows.

I wanted to be married, have the white picket fence and the 2.5 kids when I was younger... now I want to abandon that thought almost completely. I've been thinking about filling my life with a plethora of relationships and hookups. (Kids would ultimately ruin my sex life completely...amongst other things.)

Bex and I had sex last night and I got to finish on her tummy ;) my fav. I wonder if she'd ever be open to a boytoy who's bi, so we can both have fun? I keep finding blogs of married guys who are ashamed of their urge to fuck dudes. Is it selfish of me to want both a bf and gf?

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