01 December 2009


I remember being a kid and watching batman and robin after school. I had always had a crush on Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn and really liked the curves of their bodies. Then one day Robin was in trouble, tied up and shirtless. I couldn't understand the feeling but I knew that I liked what I was seeing. Seeing Batman save a tied up, wet shirtless robin was thrilling and an early memory of sexual befuddlement. I've known all along that I'm interested in guys as well, but spent many years ignoring, misunderstanding and denying myself. Now I'm so glad that I can be so honest that I want to tell everyone.

I also watched rocky horror picture show as a child at a babysitters house. That movies confused the crap out of me. I still love that movie and have a new found appreciation for its craziness.

On a different note:
I would like to thank all the people who read and comment on my blog. You guys help make my day brighter and help me feel connected to a group of people who share my interests (or atleast my blog). Thanks guys.

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  1. You just found yourself another fan.
    -Going to tag myself as Kama(who thinks Alexandra is the sexiest VS girl;)