27 December 2009


I finally finished my book 'The bisexuals guide to the universe' and I'm very proud of myself. The book is 224 pages and It only took me three-four sittings to finish. I love it and I'm soo glad I bought it.

Bex and I went out with a couple of friends to a local bar. I was of course the designated driver (Last time I got drunk I insulted "Paul Rubens Turban") and I kept it cool all night. Bex left me and my guy friend at the bar to go to a local gay bar. I wanted to go, but that would have meant leaving my friend behind, so I stayed. Maybe I will go for New Years and I'll sex it up... (As much as I can sex it up ;) ) Bex was thrilled to see all the gay men who smelled oh so nice and the lip syncing drag queen. She definitely wants to return so... like I said... New Years!

(Bex was on Yager bombs) Bex tells me while in the car heading home "You should live out all your gay fantasies at the gay bar." I may take her up on that.

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