12 December 2009


Bobby what are you doing? I found out that 'Nicholas' is actually 'Jamie'. (From cute to cuter) I finally got the courage to make small talk and facebooked him. I hope that I'm not coming off as a weirdo or stalker... or dare I say obsessed? I talked to Jamie for about half an hour on chat and he seems very sweet. I told Bex about Jamie over lunch today. She thinks his name is cute and teases me about my "boyfriend" Mr. V.

Bex and I watched "The ugly truth" with Gerard Butler and Catherine Heigl today. Midway through, Gerard Butler was taking off a monkey suit and I inadvertently sighed at the sight of his arms (biceps). It was like seeing his muscly arms for the first time. :) Bex got the giggles and I was embarrassed mostly because it was subconscious. Both of them are super sexy!

Skinny boys with big shoulders <3 Pretty girls with a nice rack and cute hiney <3 ... I love pretty people and I love being bi.

I may not have it all figured out yet, but i'll enjoy all the successes and failures along the way.

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  1. Gerard Butler is worth your sighs. I saw him naked in a film this week and I felt like a teenage girl lol