28 December 2009


My name is Bobby and I'm on my way to growing up and figuring out what I want in this world. I like all sorts of things from photography, art, acting, design, innovation, technology and of course recording my every thought, action and desire. Am I good at any of these interests? My short stint in high school theatre taught me two things; one that I cannot act and two that enthusiasm can land you the part (and that is what matters). I believe that I'm a better writer, although I don't finish anything I start and throw everything else away. I try to keep abreast of all changes in technology from all the new gadgets to the changing languages of computer code and lingo. Unfortunately I'm finding more comfort in "user friendly" devices and well... sometimes I don't know how to work my Tivo.

Am I trying to capitalize on my blog? Yes and No. I want to capitalize on something, I don't want to work in a factory for the rest of my life. I feel as if I have something to offer and I want to leave some kind of impact on the world. I would rather do this than work my 12 hour shifts to be completely honest.

I enjoy spending my time sipping on Starbucks and enjoying a conversation. I also enjoy drinking beers and doing new things. If this is life, then what I want to do is exactly that. To enjoy new things that make my heart flutter and every once in a while cry. To love and be loved whether it means with a boy, girl, both, more or neither. (Hey as long as I love myself... I should be ok.)

I don't believe that I'm special because I'm bi, even though I do think it adds something interesting and mysterious. In general people laugh at the notion that I am mysterious, but it's the secret that makes me smile.

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