13 December 2009


Last night Bex and I stayed over at a friends house. We got to drinking and the weather outside was frightful. (This was the same friend that I got shit faced with earlier.) (They don't know I’m bi) Amongst talking about the taste of cock, Chinese food and other dirty things the topic turned over to relationships. Much to my surprise, Bex told them that we had an open relationship. I knew we had something... but we had never put a label on it!

OMFG yes!

It made me want to pop Bexs bra off and fuck her like crazy in front of everyone. They seemed to be taken aback (a little) by the whole conversation. I figure now-a-days there are stranger things we could have said. We've been together for 4 years now so we've talked about and done almost everything. (Short of lubing up and fisting each other!)

Bex and I have a relationship built on communication and trust so I'm in a good place right now. Some of the fog is clearing now.  I may not fuck everyone and their grandma and that’s ok. If the opportunity presents itself … I know that I can proceed, I just need to be smart about it.

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