21 December 2009


Last night Bex and I were both horny and we were settling down for what I thought was going to be just a movie night. She asked to watch some of the gay porn I had mentioned in my last blog. (Apparently she really liked that last blog.) I showed her what I was into, then we transitioned into watching "straight" porn. We got bored within minutes and switched back. I guess we both find gay and lesbian porn more fun to watch. Gay porn is just nice because the men are generally always so pretty looking. Some time after that we had some crazy "fuck" quality sex.

Earlier in the night Bex talked to me about possibly dawning a strap-on and having her way with me. I instantly felt excited and insecure about the whole thing. I let her know about my insecurities and she assured me that I had nothing to worry about. I found one strap on that I think I could enjoy. I'm not a big fan of neon fake looking dildos, so this one was a-ok in my book. It reminds me of Dudes cock from the pictures, so I think that's who I'll think of and thank. ; )

Does anyone know of a site where I can get information on ass play?

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