07 December 2009


I hope that they discover a birth control pill for men soon. My guy friends and I are all morbidly afraid of getting someone preggers. Bex already takes birth control so we can have sex without condoms, but I would like that added protection for myself. I'm not sure if it would be a big seller like birth control is for women... some guys are up their own asses about stuff like that. I know that if I got someone pregnant I would prob hate myself. I look at it as financial protection... like credit monitoring or overdraft protection.

I know that no one likes to talk about condoms because it isn't fun, but I definitely see the need for them. If I was sexually active with multiple people right now I'd definitely go to Sams club and stock up. It's easy for me right now to 'do it' without them bc Bex and I have both been only with each other. That is something that her gyno likes. I may have to start though if I plan on straying outside the relationship.

Would you take a male birth control pill?

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  1. I wish they had BC for men. It would make me feel better knowing that I am taking it and so is my boyfriend. Plus, I hate condoms.