29 December 2009


In love right now with this dreamy man. His name is Brett Chuckerman.

Bex and I watched 'The curiosity of Chance' which we received from Netflix almost a week ago. This movie was great and very funny. If you're looking for a comedy and don't mind the "boy flicks", this one is for you. (I generally don't rant about movies that I don't like... Just in case you were wondering.) Any who in this movie Brett plays a character named Levi. If you like eye candy, then the movie is worth watching just for him and his perfect body.

This whole week has been spent with Bex and watching movies. I saw Paranormal Activity, The Perfect Getaway, and Adam. Those movies are all just alright.

New Years is promising to be a very good time. My plans are not set as of yet, but it may include going to a gay bar or hanging with some friends and doing things I may regret.
Bex received two Victorias Secret catalogs in the mail today. I was upset after she threw away the one she received earlier in the week. I think that this was gods way of giving me jerk off material. One for the bathroom and I guess the other for the coffee table. (How delightfully tacky)
<< this is one of my favorite models.

I'm hoping that there's a new season of Top model or something with cute and sexy girls in next to nothing. This last season featured petite models... and well they all looked way too young.

The new season of The Real World DC premiers on Dec 30th at 10pm on MTV. Ok shameless plug out of the way this season of TRW looks interesting. The cast member Mike who is supposedly bisexual will maintain my interest... hopefully.


  1. Her name is Alexandra right? Not sure and too lazy to google it right now coz am hard to yours and dudes blog ;-)

    Shes my fav. too.

  2. Plz reply to the above post bobby so I know you read it..

    -Your new(not so new now) blog fan

  3. @anonymous Yeah her name is alexandra and I love her <3 soo hott!