30 December 2009

there goes bobby derrekson

The name of bi.the.way may be changing in the next couple of days. The current name is nice, although typical and overused. On BC (blog catalog) alone there are four listings with the same name! Trying to get away from being just bisexual and showing some depth and dimension has proven to be difficult at times. Expanding the fan base and evoking chatter are the ultimate goals. Optimizing and not compromising or losing fans will be a juggling act. The look and feel of 'BTW' has also been changing lately, this new look is simple and sleek.

Keep it or change it? I was thinking of something along the lines of: 'there goes bobby derrekson'



  1. hey bobby, i am a bit disappointed that u write because u wanted fans. i dunno - i absolutely enjoyed what you wrote and would be more than happy to plug your blog until i read this and it kinda defeat the purpose of a personal blog i feel. if u're writing for a fan base, i feel as if u're just doing it for other and to make money of Google ads rather than be honest and let us know you. Is it a fame seeking or friend seeking?

  2. Hey Aaron. I'm sorry you feel this way. I don't write for fans or for attention/fame although both are nice to have. Everything I write is honest and truthful and I'm hoping that with my blog I can connect with others like me. My attempts to catalog my blog are to ensure i reach a wide audience. I want you to know who I am and I hope you are getting a sense of who I am, despite the google ads. I hope you continue to read my blog, plug or not, and I enjoy your comments so please keep writing me!