04 December 2009


Last night Bex and I settled down for a night of hot sex and a movie (not in that particular order). We spent the day at the mall shopping for her birthday and I ended up buying her some cute Versace sunglasses from SGH. Later we went to p.f. Changs for some yummy food and headed home to wind down. After some tv we put in the movie 'Shortbus'. Here's the synopsis courtesy of Netflix:
"Director John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) delivers an unbridled look at the New York City underground, focusing on a group of hipsters who frequent a downtown club renowned for its lascivious ways. Through graphic polymorphous sexual couplings -- and using an ensemble cast composed largely of first-time actors -- the film chronicles each character's erotic journey of self-discovery in a raw and riveting fashion."
The movie is worth watching but did drag on a bit near the end. I liked all the cocks in the film! Movies need more cock and less boob. Anyhow we both liked the movie a lot and it got us in the mood. (As if we weren't horny enough already.)

Fucking Bex was great and we went at it for a good while. I noticed however that I don't enjoy my orgasms as much when I'm inside her. I used to be all about coming inside but lately I'm preferring the blow job or hand job orgasm. Maybe it's all the tugging I do to Pete when I'm alone. ;)

Bex has been reading my blogs so I asked for her thoughts. She said "Well I think it's [blogging] good for you." I pried into her thoughts about me wanting to have sex with others... she said it was "a little disappointing." We didn't speak much about it after that. I'm going to cool it on the other people aspect during conversation for a while. I'm afraid of letting her down or hurting her.

I really appreciate all the advice being given from everyone who's commenting. I'm not sure what my next step is but I'll make sure to let everyone know. I'm having a hard time because my heart is so wrapped up in all of this. If I have someone who I love so much and I do have great sex with... then why do I want more? Will a break in our relationship break our relationship? Bex is happy being only with me... why can't I reciprocate?

Am I willing to lose it all to find out?

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