10 December 2009


Bex said yesterday, "You know that I don't limit us to this." (Doing the you and me hand motion.) We were talking about monogamy and how it mostly doesn't make sense. Is she coming around? She followed that statement with "If you are going to do something I need to know, it's all about honesty."

I asked her if she ever thought about a sex life outside of me. She didn't say yes... but she didn't say no. She said, "Well you never know whats going to happen."..."anything can happen."

I don't know whether to be jealous or aroused. Let's just say... aroused. ;) Maybe we can have a relationship like 'Relevant married guy' or I can have a sex life like my sex hero 'Dude'. Who knows "anything can happen..." ;)

wanna play?

1 comment:

  1. It works for us! Not everyone I suppose can be as lucky as the two of us are, but this curious mix of confidence, attachment, desire and openess allows us to play as we will, when we want. And it is so damn fun!
    And yes Bobby, I would love to play with both or either of you two! ;)