25 January 2010

Aggression, whips and submission

I was stumbling around on the internet the other day when Bex was at work, and I ran into some kinky porn. Actually there was no kink but the video stayed with me and I thought about it all day. It's a guy jerking off with a cock ring on and he's all oiled up. I kept thinking about the guy and how skinny he was and it made me smile so I'm keeping the video. (It's porn so watch it, but don't say I didn't warn you.) Dude I think you'll like it.

Bex and I were watching footage of Green Day today and I let out yet another big sigh when Billie Joe was on the screen. I love that man and he is SO SEXY! After my half hour of oogling Billie, Bex and I watched 'Whip it' and discovered the sexyness of Juliette Lewis. She's a roller derby girl in that movie and she could kick my ass any day, she's that sexy. Bex should take up roller derby, she's sexy, aggressive and I like spankings so... :)

So I was thinking about aggression, dominance, submission and all those other traits that define us when it comes to personality and sex. Actually reading Complicated kittens blog has gotten me thinking about all that stuff. Her blog is really good. I'm definitely submissive, it's just in my personality. I'm a very nice guy and I like being told what to do, being punished, scratched and slapped. I know TMI.

I was talking to Mr. V the other day on chat. I came up with this quote... "Everyone has a closet. Some hide in it... some hide bodies in it.. and some hide candy in it." (You can quote me on that one.)

I hope that when I move out that my life can become a little more interesting. I look forward to the warm months ahead. I plan on being a club rat at scandals, my Vegas trip in May and most recently there's a trip to Florida brewing with Mr. V. I hope it works out bc I hear Florida is gorgeous and what better way to experience the sunshine state than with Mr. V as my "guide". ;)

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  1. I do like the vid. Nothing like a hard, oiled cock on a smooth body. Really turns me on. Great cum shot in the vid.

    I dig Billie Joe too. I've read online that he's bi.