30 January 2010

Bite my lip and close my eyes

I've spent the last two work days at home because of a snow storm that hit on Friday. Friday was pretty uneventful but tonight (Saturday) was awesome! Bex and I decided to get some much need packing done. As you remember I'm moving to a different apartment later on this month. Amongst the sorting, organizing and donating our stuff we ran across Bexs' vibrator. This was her only vibrator and she wasn't too keen on using it, so It had been a very long time since she used it. (Actually with me in the picture... she had no reason to have it... :) but that's my ego talking.) She didn't want it anymore and instructed me to throw it away. Needless to say I saw an opportunity and now I have a new toy. I was excited and waited for a good moment to play in the shower, after all it was waterproof. My shower was intense, fun and oh soo.... oomph... Thats the best way to describe it. It's my new favorite although it is smaller than my other no vibrating toys.

After my shower Bex decided that her needs were not going to go unnoticed. We both got down to our skivvies under the sheets (It was cold out.) and I showed her a good time. She came while on top and she ended up finishing me up with a blow job/hand job. (BTW one of my favorite ways to finish ;) )

The other day I posted a video of a guy who was all oiled up and jerking off. Well I rewatched the video yesterday and found that he has others, plus pictures. So I'm becoming a fan of Mickey (thats his name). Speaking of porn we (Bex and I) stumbled across my mini collection of porn dvds. (Straight porn mind you) and I was like "lets get rid of it." She asked me why, but I felt like I couldn't answer. I did though and I sounded like a jackass. I said, "because It's weird watching porn with you". I don't know... ever since I discovered porn I always have watched it alone. I can't relax when I'm watching it with someone else in the room. Can anybody relate? I think it's the whole OMG your parents are walking in on you type thing.

The picture of Jake Gylenhall is there because he is dreamy. Just because. Blog to ya later ;)


  1. Ah, there's nothing like pleasuring one's self in the shower with a nice toy! As for watching porn with people - it's never bothered me. My girlfriend isn't a big fan of it, but we watch them every now and then. She's not much into gay or bi porn though :-(

  2. Hey fella, Hows the packing going now? Fun in the shower eh? I was having a similar scenario this week, though with Jay and not a toy lol. Maybe I should write about it sometime :P