03 January 2010

First night of the new year

My first night of the new year was spent at Scandals, the local drag bar. This is was my first experience with a nightclub (yes I am ultravirginal, I KNOW) and it was fun. In the past I have gone to bars, lounges and outdoor parties but never a club. I loved it! Most of the people there were pretty. It was fun seeing some sexy ladies, and some sexy ladies that may have had a surprise between their legs. ;) Also there were a lot of cute guys, gay and straight.

Watching the drag show was fun. The fantasy and glamor was priceless, although the cover charge was a little steep. I will definitely be going back to dance and party it up.

I'm spending more time with friends who are couples. The time spent with them has made me feel an appreciation for my relationship. Also it reminds me exactly how difficult and complicated relationships can be. Maybe instead of trying to be polyamorous and having multiple relationships at once, I can take a page out of my sexy hotwifes book.

I'm very thankful that I've found blogs like Dudes Sex Life, A complicated Kittens Journey, My sexy hotwife and One fine gay. It's nice to connect to real people who are doing something different. I often feel like the only sane person in a world full of loons and idiots.

I'm starting to plan my spring/summer trip to vegas. I'm planning on going to all the celebrity night clubs and do some power shopping on the strip, hope some of you can join me. ;) I'll have to blog about that later.

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