08 January 2010

Hard bodies and head

I left work early tonight about 3 hours into my twelve hour shift. Ugh...The weather was getting worse and I wasn't confident staying the rest of the night. I feel foolish now because the road was clear, but we'll see in the morning. Bex and I watched THE REAL WORLD DC which we had tivo-ed and enjoyed takeout I grabbed on the way home. Mike the "bi-guy" is one of my favorite people on the show because he's so darn cute but I think really misguided. (Then again who isn't?)

Jamie or as we know him as Mr. V is starting to blog and I'm giddy about getting him into blogging. You can find his blog here. He's very cute and very sassy. (and I hope I didn't offend him just now. sorry ;) you're silly) Speaking of Mr. V... I've been trying to persuade him to go to club scandals with me bc I think it would be fun, but he wont have it. Something about the tight knit gay community and drama. I'm not sure I understand it completely but I comprehend where he may be coming from. Can anyone explain it to me?

I read that bisexuals tend to "chameleon out" amongst their peers behaving in such a way that they can be perceived as either gay or straight. Although I do agree with that statement and I do enjoy the ambiguity... it's a very lonely way to live. I find more often than not I'm not approached by either guys or girls bc of it. (It may have to be with me presenting myself as not available.) As I may have said early on in this blog, It would be nice to have a bunch of bi friends so I could feel part of a collective... but I've never been a "group" kind of person. "Organizing bisexuals is a lot like herding cats" (Sorry I can't find who said it first to quote them) It would be nice to have a bisexual community to have one even though I'm not a group guy. It's kind of like a cold stone creamery... I would love to have one a block away, but I most likely wont go there everyday. ;)

I've been hungry like a wolf lately and sadly enough I'm not making great strides towards my laid goal of 250. :( My Bex has been sick all week long and sexy time has not happened. It's been very cold outside too so my urge to head out and get some head has been slumped. I'm going to focus my sexual frustrations into my workout. I want a hard body to take all those HNT pics and thrill all my readers. (or scare some away lol.) I'm becoming a big fan of exhibitionism.

I always love posting pictures of cute boys and sexy girls so here's my fix for today. ;) Blog to you guys later.

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