15 January 2010

leather studded kiss in the sand

Dude from Dude's Sex Life wrote about a sex buddy of his named Paul who he frequently (assuming) gets together to have sex with. Now as you already know I'm a big fan of his blog and I highly suggest you read some of his past posts... they make my knees buckle. ;) I really like the dynamic that he has going on, and you already know I'm jealous of his sex life. I realize that I can't really change who I am or force myself to have a sex life that is that "active". It doesn't fit my personality, but I can strive to have fun and do things when they feel right.

I asked several weeks ago about Cruising which I had no clue about. Now witnessing it firsthand at a bar was fun and interesting but again, it doesn't fit my personality. I think I'd be really nervous too, if I even attempted to cruise for sex. Like I said It sounds fun, but not necessarily for me... (I'm not saying never... never say never.)

I find that my needs and wants conflict completely!!! I want a bf or buddy to have sex with, while enjoying my relationship and sex with Bex. What I need is to just shut up and get laid! But... and it's a big butt... I'm not very good at keeping sex as just sex. Oh man. I know I know we always come back to this conclusion. Fortunate today I'm in a very good mood. :) (In this Pic everyone's a winner >>>)

I'm working diligently on losing more weight and working out so I can post those half naked Thursday pics as well as replace my profile pics with something a little more risque. Oh! My blog is being read in 30 states of the USA! As well as in 36 Countries around the world! Don't be shy and join my fans or email me bobbyderrekson@yahoo.com. I would like to shout out again to RyanO who is my fan and reader in the UK, I love your blogs! :)

blog to ya later,


  1. Hi, Bobby,

    First time here, linked from Dude's blog, which I just found the other day. I'm jealous of his sex life too! If only I were younger, singler, and knew of my bi-ness.

    I know what you mean about keeping sex as just sex. I seem to have fallen in love with everyone I've fucked, and that's not many.

  2. Keeping emotions and sex apart is hard! I'm soooooo thankful that I came out of the half closet so early on. I just couldn't lie to myself any longer. Dude... ugh gives me a hard on... lol