12 January 2010

sweat, hard bodies and tears

Life gets complicated and I feel like I complicate it further. When did I become such a drama queen or spaz? Bex read my last blog and wanted to talk to me about it, but we've both been too busy to catch each other. The worst is that the post was written at a time of deep sadness.

My Vegas trip is moving forward! Last night at work I got the OK from work and it appears that one more maybe added to the list of Vegas goers. Mr.V who I work with would like to go so, we will see. I told Mr. V last night how thankful I was that he was a gay man. (That sounds weird...I'll explain.) There are a couple of guys that I work with that are cute... and I often feel  like I think EVERYONE is cute. It's nice to be able to share my thoughts about other guys and have that be reciprocated. That and I don't feel as crazy.

Is having my cake and eating it too going to ruin my appetite? RyanO suggested a break for some time, but honestly the thought of a break scares me to the core. When it comes to other things around me, I have some satisfaction issues. I'm usually not satisfied with anything as it is, and I hope that it's not affecting my views on our relationship or I'll never be happy. My parents are never happy or satisfied with anything... did I catch this from them and is there a cure?
I'm being a drama queen again.

Here's some sexy peoples.

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