14 January 2010

Lube me up before you go go...

I keep thinking about the brunnette bombshell that was standing over my bed the day before yesterday. I'm talking about Bex of course. After a busy day of work, she arrived home and started undressing in the bedroom, which is the usual case. I walked in on her just in her bra and panties while reaching over the bed for something and I stopped moving and talking to awe at how sexy she looked. It was magnificent! I've seen her millions of times in the same bra and panties (or even less) but this time it seemed like the first time ever!

Wow... is all that I can say.

I was thinking about it the last time I was at work and I got a hard on which wouldn't go away! Those are the worsts. Then yesterday while in the shower I was thinking about conditioner and how much it looks like cum and I looked down and yet again another raging hard on. Conditioner makes a great lubricant bi the way, as apposed to shampoo and soap that can cause irritation.

I had a genious idea! You know how they have ecstacy condoms that are marketed as his side/her side lubrication. They should market them as his side/his side lubrication. Say what you want about bareback and not feeling things... condoms are important. Have a long.... long sex life... use a condom.

Oh my... I think we're about to run out of conditioner. I'm going to go take my dirty thoughts and check right now. Blog to ya later ;)

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