05 January 2010

Men, chocolate and muscles

I came out to everyone that matters last year. It was a huge milestone and the beginning of something great, new and different for me. Unfortunately I only told 6 people not counting acknowledging it myself and blogging to the world. Since I "came out" I've become less stressed, more open and in general a whole lot happier. Coming out has also afforded me more opportunity to voice my opinions, desires and urges to both myself, my readers and most importantly to my gf Bex.

I also lost some weight last year, maybe because I wasn't as stressed. I'm very proud of myself and hope to continue on the road to being super hott. I hope to replace my profile picture soon with a picture of me in my undies. ;) but we'll have to wait until I've beefed up.

I keep thinking about Dudes blog. That man should write a novel because what he writes sticks with me at times. Currently I'm fixated on his poolside blogs about oral sex and water.

Sometimes I feel like my urges are like cravings for chocolate or sex. Actually it is for sex, but the curious thing is that I've never messed with a guy before. (Note that I dropped the word curious ; ) ) I know that I find both Men and Women attractive so being bi-curious doesn't seem a fitting label. Sex with either gender sounds exciting for that matter.

Maybe this year I can have that fantasy mmf encounter or just meet my quota/resolution that I set for myself. :) I need to find me one of those "experience" counters.

P.S. I hope my blog titles are not misleading. ;)

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  1. Woohoo love the new layout. this is my favourite blog to come and read, so im gutted ive not been on too much. Glad things seem to be going better for you lately.