19 January 2010

Moving, grooving, bumping and grinding

This upcoming May I will be turning 23. I only have a few months left to clutch on to being 22 and a couple months after my birthday that I will still tell people I'm 22. I've never really thought about all the things I want to do before I turn 25, 30 and so on and so forth so I'm going to start a list. So here it goes in no particular order: (Oh and I'll keep the list short and realistic.)

1. I want to go to a Halloween party and wear one of those ridiculous "Look at my body costumes". It's slutty but so am I.

2. I want to eventually own a brand new car. (Nothing fancy, just new.)

3. Sing Karaoke (badly, but who's ever really good at that anyway.)

4. Get a tattoo and preferably one that I won't regret... I'm thinking lower back?? :)

5. Have a guy in my life to have fun with.

6. Have fun in a hot tub (bc I've never been in one) and "have fun" in a hot tub.

7. Get drunk and wake up in a sexy strangers bed. (Actually that one may be a little scary depending on the situation.... so I have to be careful what I wish for.)

8. Meet the bisexual rock god named Billie Joe and awe at his greatness and eventually make a fool of myself.

9. Try weed again. I tried it once but I was drunk as crap and couldn't fully grasp the effect its supposed to have on you... although I did get really hungry.

10. Strip for someone. Or play strip poker but the moving and grooving bumping and grinding appeals to me more.

Anyone know of anything I must do before I get too old or have something that they want to do from this list? I'm going to Vegas in May too so, maybe a good opportunity to cross some of these things off???
blog to ya later

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  1. When I turned 24 I felt like I was totally over the hill. 23 is a good age, your not too old or not too young. At 24 I feel like I have to start being a grown up. It sucks :P I hope you get through your list though.