17 January 2010

My heart, won't skip, a beat

So there are three notches on my bedpost so far this year. Sex twice with a blowjob in between. All with Bex of course, but I need to put a little more effort into it if I want to resolve my new years resolution of 250+. ;-) The greatest thing of all is that the sex is great! I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'm the worlds greatest in bed, but I'm trying really hard to rock out her world each and every time. I had my sexy sweetheart on her back with her legs in the air and she had the best time ever. Eventually she came and I ended up finishing on her stomach which is my favorite. When I was done I licked up all the cum off of her body. She was surprised and turned on all over again. To top off the night of sex, sweat and cum we had champagne, chocolates and tv.

She got really tipsy off the champagne and told me that If I wanted to introduce another girl or guy in bed that I could, as long as... (there was a string attached) it was always me and her at the end of the night. I can live with that arrangement. I know she trusts me wholeheartedly but I begin to wonder how much I can trust myself. One of my friends just got a boyfriend and instead of feeling happy for him, there was a hint of jealousy. I'm over it now (I hope) but it surprised me. I knew right away that jealousy isn't the appropriate emotion for the situation. Somewhere along the line my heart and mind got all fucked up. I thought instantly that maybe I'm not ready to mess with affairs of the heart or cock.

My problems stem from wanting to be loved by multiple people and not having to show them love back. Dun da dun dun dun!

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