01 January 2010

New things and resolutions

Happy New Year! Last night was incredible. Amongst trying Yager (I know it's not spelled right) for the first time. I also tried for the first time mary-J, that was interesting. The rest of the evening was spent hanging with friends, drinking and eating pizza.

At some point (Paul Ruebens) dropped by with the pot which I had always been very curious about. We all got really drunk and after a while nobody cared about what was happening in times square. He ended sitting on my lap and fondling my face. It was odd yet comfortable so I didn't ask him to get off right away. My closeness to other guys has always been really awkward, but I'm becoming more used to it.

Bex and I made plans with my friends gf to go to Scandals (the local gay bar/drag club.) but I'm not sure if my body can take any more partying. (I know... I'm lame.) We will see tonight.

I'm going to cool it on all the blog posts, I have to jump back into my work on the 4th.

My Last Years resolution: To lose weight. I totally did it! I lost 30 pounds last year.

My New Years resolution:  Have sex 250 times next year! And look like the guy in this picture by the end of the year. Also I want to participate in half naked thursdays "HNT"! Here's to trying new things and having a life worth writing about!

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