22 January 2010

so delicious it's hot hot...

I'm glad I finally got a moment to myself. I'm supposed to be sleeping right now, but like most times, I'd rather be blogging. I find myself to be a little scatter brained right now so... forgive me for the topic to topic jump. Ok so here I go.

Bex and I have been living with the rents. (Mine to be specific.) We are living here bc we wanted to save up money and maybe buy property, but the rents are driving us crazy. Bex and I went yesterday to a local apartment complex and landed us a cozy 1bedroom in our price range. I hope to continue to save up money while gathering my sanity and having fun, now that we will be able to have people over.

I feel like a little kid sometimes, like grade school all over again. I was stunned and surprised over my jealous inner tirade and at the same time not fazed at all. I've always had this issue where I become relentlessly misguided when it comes to crushes. I become infatuated and that's never a good thing amongst just friends. It's very humbling and troubling writing about your own blunders. I just hope I can learn from this experience.

Rambeau commented on one of my recent posts saying
"I know what you mean about keeping sex as just sex. I seem to have fallen in love with everyone I've fucked..."
Is it possible to just have sex? It must be bc Dude has had a lot of sex with other people, but he seems to be doing alright for himself emotionally. Why am I so tilted towards sex and a relationship and love and all that mushy gushy crap? So willing to fall in love= me

btw my recent titles have been song lyrics to songs I'm listening to while writing. (just in case you were (bi) curious ;) )

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