17 February 2010

beep beep beep, my gaydar is going off!

I went to sleep horny and exhausted. I have to go to work today and I'm not looking forward to going or staying all 12 hours. It looks like the winter weather may be going away or dulling  a little bit, which is good bc I've felt like a caged bunny.

Bex and I spent the morning unpacking and organizing which made my inner neat freak happy. (Actually i'm not a neat freak, but neater than I have been in the past.) We found a stash of Bex's lingerie that we had stored away, (JACKPOT!) and I can't wait till she wears them when spring comes around. We are still eating the chocolates from the chocolate heart I got for her. Chocolates are so good especially after sex. I imagine a lot of things are. I've never smoked a cigarette afterwards but I imagine it's just as good when you smoke while drinking.

I've been craving a cigarette lately and I'm not sure why. Our new downstairs neighbor is named Chris and I'm pretty sure he has a boyfriend. (Unless my Gaydar is completely off and I'm wrong, which has happened before.) He takes multiple smoke breaks and I make small talk with him whenever I was lugging stuff in and out of my apt. I think that maybe that's where it's coming from. Who knows :)

When I stop being sore, I'm gonna get back on the "work out" horse. I've been dying to go swimming and sunbathing so I need to be in shape for when spring/summer comes around. That and because I want to participate in HNT without turning you all off :)
Ok lovers, I'm gonna go eat lunch and get ready for work. I'll blog to ya later.

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  1. I'm behind on my reading. I'm glad to see the you went ahead with the moving. Chocolates after sex, yum! I'm sure you will look amazing in your HNT shots!