18 February 2010

Coming out and hooking up

Dear Lovers,
I inadvertently came out to my mom today. Actually I'm not sure if it was today or yesterday (I'll explain... just give me a second.) My mom and I had not been speaking the last couple of days. I left a 6 page letter that I had written out of anger in my old room. To say the least I laid it all down on the line. (I was still torn as to whether or not to give it to her) In the letter I revealed my issues, what makes me angry and the fact that I was bi. (Now, I'm not entirely sure why that was relevant but it felt right at the time.) The letter was gone, and I'm pretty sure that it was read.

We apologized to each other for how we were behaving and we hugged it out for a good while. My parents being people of few words, I am to assume that they don't care about my bi-ness. She did assure me that she loves me and always wants the best for me. I can live with that. This was a small victory for me, and now I don't have to have any awkward conversations. :)

I was sent home early last night. I feel useless since I haven't been working a lot lately. Mr. V was looking very adorable last night. I was mentioning a party and getting drunk and he said "You should get drunk and hook up with guys." I didn't have the opportunity to ask him what he meant, or where that comment came from...??? Wishful thinking maybe? I don't know, but the thought sounded fun. (Actually I want to be completely sober for that experience, if it ever does.

Oh love, I don't know where I'm headed in life at this point, but I do know this: My philosophies and Ideas are constantly changing and adapting and as long as I'm willing to learn from my mistakes, I'll be ok.

I hope to go to the party and enjoy myself. This week has been a roller coaster. I'll blog to you later,

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