16 February 2010

Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi and Adona

Hi all! First blog from my new apt! I spent the last 4 days moving car loads of stuff. (All those damn sex toys ;) ) I'm sore from head to toe and just plain tired, but I'm hoping I have enough energy to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing with Bex. I'm super horny! I just took a nice hot shower so I'm all cleaned up and eager.

Bex and I were chit chatting earlier today and she reminded me that we haven't had sex in this whole month (feb)! I was floored, then horrified, it's been already 16 days! I checked my bedposted.com account because I just couldn't believe it, but I found it to be true. Actually I got a blowjob on the 7th... close but no cigar. It's been too long and I'm just giddy with anticipation.

I'm trying to convince Bex into booking a jacuzzi room in NYNY for our stay. She's hesitant bc of the cleanliness, but I'm over the moon at the thought of jacuzzi fun. I'm sure since it's a hotel, that it'll all be sanitary, I'm just uber eager about the whole thing. Of course inspirations from Dude's Jacuzzi/pool stories are to blame. Damn that Dude and his awesome sexlife. BTW you should check out Dude's Valentines day entry, so steamy I got hard just reading it. :)

So I wanted to call out all the lurkers who read my blog. I'm currently reading Dude's sexlife, Ryan O's One fine gay, A complicated kitten's journey, Jamie (Mr. V's) Shooting Life blog, and many others. Let me know who you are and I'll follow you ;) I just recently started reading http://thenewbisexual.wordpress.com and I hope that I can get into it.

I'm off to see if I can get some :) !!! Wish me luck. Oh and I had a crazy sex dream last night that looked something like this... but there was a girl in it... I'm not sure if it was Bex, but I wasn't busy looking at face, If you know what I mean. :)


  1. ew, sex dreams with women. *vomit*

  2. Thanks for the plug Bobby! I'm always anticipating your posts.

  3. Hey Bobby
    I know this post is rather old, but I recently stumbled upon your blog and love it!

    Feel free to follow mine: http://contact1980.blogspot.com/

    Catching up on your posts, busy reading them from oldest to newest.