06 February 2010

Don't be so quick to walk away

Hello Lovers,
I've been flustered lately with crazy thoughts. My main issue is with the 'rents' and their possible reaction to me moving out. I never had a time line as to when I would move out, but they are the type of people who are afraid of change. The first time I moved across the country at 19 was traumatic to say the least. It's not afraid to hurt their feelings, but of the drama that they can bring. They are parents so anything they say has the potential to hurt me. I don't have a good relationship with them to begin with so I either need to tell them or just leave one day.

Question... some of you can answer this even if you don't watch THE REALWORLD DC. A character on that show named Mike is the token orientation guy, as he's Bi Mike. I've noticed most of the cast members around him say that he needs to get more "comfortable with his orientation". During the episodes that have aired he's taken a couple of guys home, and spent some time with girls at clubs. I don't get why they keep saying "comfortable". Are they referencing the stereotype that bisexual means secretly gay or straight.
It's funny to think that in a world of billions of colors that peoples thinking of sexuality is so black and white. Please... I like to be in the vast gray area :)

Bex and I have not been in the "mood" lately. Understandably so, we've both had tons on our mind. I read RyanO's blog about his Valentines day surprise trip (which his bf Jay planned for him), and I totally could go for something like that. I think both of us need to just get away from all the stress and just relax. The snow storms that keep pounding us has caused cabin fever. I need a good pounding, just not by a snow storm :) .

Last but not least there's Mr. V who I've gotten to chat with more. He's fun and I look forward to Florida in the Summer time. I'm hoping he can show me the gay nightlife in Florida, I imagine it's pretty wild considering all the major cities there. I told him that I would have him over plenty... once I have my own place, hopefully with a fully stocked bar.

I'm hoping that I'm back to writing more often and I push through all the mental muck.
Blog to ya later. *PS I'm changing the page layout once again so that it fits my needs. It's annoying i know but I promise I'll make it more pleasant to read.

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