23 February 2010

i miss the fever

♫You give me fever, when you kiss me Fever when you hold me tight Fever in the mornin', a fever all through the night...♫

Lately I've been thinking back to when my relationship with Bex was brand new and exciting. You know the beginning of the relationship when you are getting to "know" the other person, and you're giddy just to see them. I call this 'The Fever'. I had dated two other girls before finding my Bex, but she was the only one that I felt this immense amount of lust, excitement, and fervor for. I was reminiscing last night at work about the nights spent making out, holding hands for hours on end and her sitting on my lap every time I got a boner. I remembered the song 'Make Damn Sure' a break up song by Taking Back Sunday, which always made us feverish. (It's a breakup song but the lyrics made us feel otherwise...

♫...I just wanna break you down so badly
Well I trip over everything you say 
I just wanna break you down so badly In the worst way...♫

That song would always follow with a make out session bc it really got our juices flowing. Looking back now I realize that when I like something, or it catches my attention, I can become obsessive or lusty, but that's a whole bag that I don't want to touch today. Fortunately or unfortunately we never had sex until waay after we first met, do to circumstances, so I don't know if I missed out or if it was a good thing.

Lately I've been missing the fever. I'm not talking about Love, bc I believe with all my heart that there is love, companionship and friendship between us. We have become really comfortable with each other and sometimes feel like we don't try to impress each other anymore. I feel like a cold fish. :) I don't like talking about it bc I feel like maybe I'm being mean or writing something mean, honesty hurts.
I hope we can can catch a fever and have sex all weekend.. :)

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