07 February 2010

Suck on your lies 'til your eyes turn red

Last night what had kept me silent and anxious turned into a fiasco. Like I had stated previously, I had been worried about my parents reaction to me moving out. After much thought, I believed it was appropriate to let them know that we were going to move, instead of leaving one day. I started by talking to my dad who I never talk to because we have communication issues. It was all great and groovy until my mother threw in her 2 cents. I can handle my parents when they are separated, but when they come together they throw all their ammunition towards me. My conversation about moving out turned into lets tear down Bobby and tell him who he really is.

Suffice it to say my parents don't know me at all. The fight ended with me telling them that I loved them but that I couldn't do this anymore. My mother told me to fuck myself... so the fight ended and I felt better for taking the high ground. I can't imagine what my "coming out" conversation would be like. Whatever, for the time being they are dead to me until I'm ready to move forward. I said my piece and now I feel whole and at peace.

Sorry I'm bogging you down with my drama, but I promise this'll be the only one. I've been chatting with Mr. V at night about stuff we plan on doing as well as swapping porn links. It's fun for me, and It's like when you're a teenager and borrow your friends porn. ;) (but of course, since its the Internet you don't have to worry if they washed their hands before taking out the video tape.) Mr. V celebrated doing the naughty with his bf yesterday, so I was excited and happy.

I'm going to work tomorrow after a nice 4 day weekend and I'm counting down the days till move out day. Only 6 days to go! Oh and RyanO, i've not got any packing done at all! I know I know it's bad but most of my stuff is still in boxes... so It'll be a scramble in the end. I miss the movie Shortbus... I wanna watch it again.

blog to ya later guys... p.s. Heres a sexy pic so you can forget all that drama. :)

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