11 February 2010


Dear Lovers,

I had a great night last night. The day started off with Bex and I packing our stuff up. We have been pushing it off, but she got some boxes from work and we started to fill them. Packing is fun and stress relieving in my book, esp if it means the end result is moving to a better place. (We have a tower of packed boxes in our room now.) I'm so freakin excited about my new apartment.

Jamie (Mr. V) texted me around 5 to see if I wanted to hang. I did and the allure of Barnes & Noble, and coffee sounded too good to pass up. Bex had already gotten into chill mode and didn't feel like putting on her face so she stayed behind. (I felt kinda bad bc it was her only day off from work, but I went anyway.) Jamie is fun company. I enjoyed myself to say the least. There's this whole inside joke between the Bex, Jamie and I that when they do meet they're gonna have a bitch slap fight... (I think it's pretty funny)

I was running a hypothetical through my mind yesterday during this whole thing. My thought was... pretending that I had a bf that I met up with (like I do with my friend Jamie) and a girlfriend that I live with... things could get pretty messy and expensive. Taking into account Valentines day and other holidays around the year, thats two cards, two boxes of chocolate and a whole lot of timesharing. There must be a lot of work and emotional investment for poly people. I know something that I always hear is "it's not the quantity of relationships, its the quality in the relationships" but how much quality time can you spend if you're dating a gay man and a straight woman. (I dunno, I just think it's interesting.) (I'm enjoying figuring this all out without actually having to live through it.)

On the REALWORLD-DC some of the cast members keep mentioning that they believe that Mike is gay. It's driving me crazy bc If someone tells you that they are bi, then they are bi! It's one of those things that people will assume you're one way or the other, or just confused. Granted most people come out as bi, using bi as a stepping stone to something else, but seriously is there no such thing as dual attraction? Peoples are crazy, that's all I got to say.

Sorry I've been changing to look to my blog so often, I'll try to keep it looking the same for the next couple of months bc I know how annoying that can be. (I have satisfaction issues...I wanna keep changing it till it's perfect but... there isn't a problem to begin with.) For now friends and lovers... I'll bid you adieu.

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  1. Hey Bobby, I've been lurking your blog for a little while. Anyhow, just wanted to introduce. You can follow me at http://thenewbisexual.wordpress.com but I recently has similar feelings about the RWDC. Anyhow, look forward to knowing you.