08 February 2010

Shut up and let me go

Valentines day has always been a weird holiday for me. As a child it was fun because of all the cards you receive from your friends and the candy thats passed out like crazy. Then when it was uncool for people to buy and distribute cards, (sometime around 5-6th grade) Valentines day was a day for pre-teens and teens to hold hands and whatever teenagers do. In high school Valentines day was an event where you took your date to a nice dinner and try get to third base... (if you weren't already hitting home runs.) From chocolates to jewelery and dinners, I'm not a big fan of the pressure to make the day special. For me the romance is a flowers on a Wednesday, or A trip on the weekend together. I don't know if I understand Valentines day completely.

That being said... This year it falls on a Sunday, (which fortunately i will have off.) and I'm not sure if we are going to do any celebrating. This Sunday is the day we move out and into our new place. I have planned cheese and chocolate fondue (separated of course.) with strawberries and champagne. Only time will tell how much of this we can actually do.

On another note... We live in the 21st century. A time when Phones can transmit not only our voices, but video, pictures and information from one side of the world to another. We can view planets from another solar system right from our laptops. WHY are only some people allowed to Marry and some aren't. Why does sexuality impede your ability to serve in the military open and honestly. Why is technology advancing faster than the speed of light and humans moving forward at the pace of decades?

I'm so horny right now. Last night Bex gave me some great head. (Trying not to sound like a douche) I so totally earned that blowjob. When that apartment becomes ours, it will be on like donkey kong :) For now, I'm gonna leave you with those thoughts my friends.
Blog to ya later.


  1. Donkey Kong? I have this image of you being hairy and naked wearing nothing but a red tie. Maybe my reference is a bit of :P

  2. Lol! Fortunately I'm not hairy but I do like the red tie idea. :)