20 March 2010

Pom pom...

Went to the club, again! (btw the title of this post is a reference to the movie "The Dreamers")

I rocked out scandals last night. Actually I'm lying, but we'll get to that in a second. I started out my Friday night unsure of what I was going to do. I needed to go into work for mandatory overtime and there was no way around it. Fortunately for me I managed to squeeze out unnoticed and unneeded so I sped home in sheer joy. Bex and I had planned to go out to the club again, and tonight was the only night it could have worked out. After speeding home I got dressed in my "hippest" clothes, did my hair and shaved. We met up with a friend of ours Ashly (who I'm gonna refer to as Ash from now on.) She's the awesome chick who introduced us to Scandals in the first place. We went to dinner and then headed for the club.

I've been enjoying beer lately and being able to keep myself in control of my buzz, so that's what I've been enjoying lately. I was already getting a buzz as we were arriving and I made sure to keep it up while we were there. Sooo many people there! (lots of regular looking people too, but I made sure to check out the pretty ones.)  I had never noticed how pretty the drag queens hair pieces were until last night. Omg... those things look expensive! I really wanted to dance last night but Bex didn't feel like it. Both Bex and Ash thought that they were not drunk enough to dance! UGH! I went without because I didn't want to dance by myself or a stranger. I know I'm partly to blame, but I'm going to make sure that next time for sure.... I'll fucking dance!

I have the next two beautiful days to enjoy with Bex. We're both super horny so I hope that it ends up in a romp or two... or three! I know I've been really driving her crazy lately so that always makes me smile. I bid you adieu with a smile on my face and an erection that needs taken care of.

lol... I know... I'm ridiculous. :)


  1. You should have danced!!! Dancing is good for the soul. I'm sure you wouldnt have been dancing on your own for long. You always speak so highly of this club. If I find myself in your neck of the woods on our 'world tour', I think I will have to check it out. I'll dance with you lol :D

  2. Lol! I would totally dance with you! I thought about having you visit on your world tour but honestly you won't come close at all. :( It's ok. Scandals is one of the two gay clubs here and unfortunately one of the 3 "clubs" in this area. Next time definitely!!! I'll make her dance or I'll make her jealous!

  3. Well perhaps 2012. We are thinking of doing a three month, 48 state road trip (alaska may be missed, and driving to hawaii may have implications :D ). I was meant to do it with a few mates in 2009 but it ended up being cancelled so now Jay wants to do it in 2012 so you never know, perhaps your dancing shoes will get a workout after all :D