17 March 2010

I've got you babe

Dearest fuck buddy,

I've been taking a breather from everything lately. I've tried my hardest to stay off the internet, but the beacon of the Opera symbol has been just too much! The last couple of days I've spent with Bex, enjoying her company, watching movies, shopping and trying on lots and lots of clothes. I got a BJ yesterday and we had sex today so we've been busy. ;-) I'm feeling a little bit more connected with her which is a great thing, because we have been very moody lately.

I went pant shopping for new jeans and I found that I had gone down another 2 pant sizes. Ugh.. it's definitely a good thing, but all my new clothes that I just bought fits me loose! I decided to not purchase any new clothes and wait till I'm at my fittest. I want to look like this guy => and I've created a new goal for myself. I've decided that instead of being out there "seeing" everyone and their brother, I'm going to play it cool and just be pinned over. (Of course when I look like this.) For that to happen, I have to play it cool, be aloof and mysterious and hunky. ;) I want to be a cock tease and eye candy so I've got a lot of work ahead of me ;)

Bex has decided that she does not want to share me with anyone. I was angry at first when she told me about her decision but then after analyzing what was important to me, I decided that I can respect that decision and that focusing on us is much more important. Lately I've been distant and focused on hooking up (or aspiring to find a man for fun time) that I lost sight of the beautiful girl in front of me. I'm not saying (and I'm sure that Bex isn't either) that it'll always be this way, because you never know what the future will bring.

I'm slowly trying to back up a little bit to move forward with myself and erase some of that distance that all my problems have put between Bex and I. She's right there with me and for that I'm thankful. ;) She is a great girl and she'll always have my back, (even sexually! lol).

I've got to go, so I'll talk to you later.
P.s. Green totally is my color. ;)
+can you look at this picture and say anything other than... wow. (sexual explicit!)

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