01 March 2010

Just Dance, gonna be ok

Dear Love,

I haven't posted a blog in a couple of days but I'll give you the skinny on whats going on. Bex got promoted to future manager (she got the position but not until she trains for it.) Nonetheless we celebrated and jumped for joy. I'm really proud of my girl. If I play my cards right, maybe I'll get lucky tonight. :) I made plans with Mr. V to come over tonight but unfortunately it all fell through.

Yesterday I wasted my  day sulking around and pitying myself and my life. I'm a drama queen and get so caught up with what I want to do and what I don't have that some days I spend them wallowing around. It's pointless and self destructive and sadly enough I pull Bex down with me... after all misery loves company. I'm trying to pull myself out of my funk but sometimes I can be such a child.

Vegas is just two months away now, and I'll be turning 23... OMG. 23! I never even considered being 22. I turned 21 and I stayed 21 until about now bc sometimes I still tell people I'm 21 just because of habit. I hope to have some kind of get together for my bday.

I haven't worked out in quite a while. :( I'm not to happy about that, but I have been slumping around. I have to be like gaga and just dance... cause it'll be ok. I need to be happy, so with that... I'm gonna try to get laid :)

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