10 March 2010

Kiss and Tell

For those bisexuals and curious kittens who have walked both sides of the streets, I have a question for you. The other night my curiosity was peaked when drunk conversations turned to the topic of blow jobs. My question is Innies or outies?... When going down, which is more pleasurable and which is more fun? I've gone down on Bex many times and loved every minute of it and recently have wondered what the other side of the road would offer in that aspect. So, which do you prefer and which is easier for you? Oral is so much fun.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent question Bobby :) Even though I consider myself to be bi, I've yet to be able to get my munch on another female. I've been serviced several times by females, but I've only gotten to touch or use my strap-on with a few minor licks... I'm hoping to get more experience soon since I'm seeing L this Friday evening! Since I've rattled on and on, I would say that I love to suck and swirl some cock ;-)